Our Mission : Production of spare parts, non-lethal weapons and to carry out assigned task of collection and distribution of arms/amn to user units during peace and war and to ensure their serviceability all the time.


केंद्रीय कर्मशाला एवं भंडार

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Border Security Force was raised on 1st Dec 1965 and since inception, the force was entirely dependent on Army for procurement of Arms, Ammunition and spare parts. During late sixties, Army switched over to 7.62 mm series weapons from .303 weapons system. But, Border Security Force was continuing with same .303 caliber weapons.  Ordnance factories due to over commitments, suddenly stopped supplying spares parts of .303 caliber weapons to BSF, consequent to which the basic weapons in BSF such as '.303' LMG,  Rifles, GF Rifles, Sniper Rifles etc. were rendered out of action. Situation became so grim in the field units, that only certain number of weapons remained serviceable for border duties whereas, the percentage of unserviceable weapons was very high. This had far-reaching adverse effects on border duties as border criminals, smugglers and hostile-forces could have drawn advantages out of declining firepower of the force. More so, border duties were not being effectively performed due to deficiency of serviceable weapons.

History of seventies

Therefore, in consideration with the expanding requirements of the Force and consequent to stopping of production of .303” family weapons and spares parts by the Ordnance Factories, the idea of raising Central Workshop & Stores, to fabricate spare parts and regulate the issue of controlled stores like arms, amn, optical instruments to BSF Frontiers, as well as Central and State Police Organizations, was conceived during early seventies.

Central Police Stores-Arms &Equipments (CPS-AE)

The Central Police Stores-Arms &Equipments (CPS-AE), which was already functioning in Gwalior since 30th April 1966, was shifted to BSF-Academy, Tekanpur during the year 1971 and renamed for new role, as CENWOSTO which stands for CENTRAL WORKSHOP AND STORES, with aim to achieve self sufficiency in spare parts management and regulate the supply of ordnance stores.